Monday, February 6, 2012

January Goals Check In

After a month, I think it's time to see where I'm at on the goals that I set at the beginning of the year.  I had a lot of goals, so expect this to be a long post.  I've decided to drop some of my goals as I continue into the year but I'm making good progress.

Writing Goals:
  • Write 500 words a day, using the #WIP500 challenge to keep me on track
I've been finding the #WIP500 challenge to be very helpful.  In January, I didn't write everyday but I did write a substantial number of words.  At the end of the month I had 12,597/15,500 words written for WIP500.  For my first real month of developing a daily writing habit, I think that counts as a win.
  • Participate in one additional challenge a month
    • January: 31 Things in 31 Days
    • February: Days of Grey
    • March-October: Unknown
    • November: National Novel Writing Month
    • December: Novel Finishing Month
I wrote a few pieces to go along with 31 Things in 31 Days but mostly I found that pictures aren't a way that I find inspiration very often.  I'll still check for inspiration during the Days of Grey but I think that my writing time will be better spent focusing on my other writing projects.  This is a goal that I'm going to drop off the list.  If I see a challenge that interests me I'll do it but I'll try not to over commit my writing time.
  • Write the Second Draft of Hive Mind 
The Second Draft of Hive Mind is currently in progress.  I'm at section 9/75.  Lots to be done but I'm happy with what I've done so far.
  • Finish the First Draft of Greased Gears
  • Outline, Write, and Edit a Seasonal Steampunk Serial for December 2012
I've got brainstorming/outline notes for 5/25 sections/days so I think I'm in decent shape for now.  I'll definitely keep thinking about it so that it will go quickly when I get to sit down and write it.
  • Brainstorm, Outline and complete a novel for NaNoWriMo 2012
  • Experiment with Short Fiction
Personal Goals:
  • Dance to Live Music every chance that I get
I got to dance to live music several times this month and I had a great time.  I think this is helping a lot with feeling inspired in my dancing.
  • Try a different kind of social dance every month
I think that I'm going to drop this goal off my list in favor of a different project that I have in the works.  More information to come when I actually have something to share.
  • Lose 100 pounds
    • Exercise Daily
    • Go back to Phase One of the South Beach Diet
    • Keep sugar and soda banished from my eating habit except for special occasions
I've had reasonable success on this part of my goals.  I've currently lost 7 pounds which is a pretty healthy rate of loss for a month.  Exercising daily is something that I'm still working on but I'm getting more exercise in than before which is a good start. Phase One of the diet went well.  The transition to phase two has been rocky.  Officially, naan has been added back into our meals once a week and I'm working to eliminate the unofficial parts.
  • Maintain a certain level of Cleanliness around the house
Well...seeing this on the list made me clean the area around my computer.
  • Find a volunteer position to gain advocacy experience
I attended an information session for one of the organizations I'm interested in working with but I haven't taken any additional steps forward yet.
  • Maintain A's in the classes I will be taking 
So far so good, however midterms are coming up this week.
  • Apply to Genetic Counseling Programs in the Fall
  • Money goals
    • Spend less money
    • Pay off the credit card and start saving money
I'm working on it.  

Knitting Goals:
  • Finish the Christmas Knitting
    • Weave ends in on all four hats
    • Weave ends in a two scarves
    • Finish knitting and complete a scarf
    • Knit and complete a scarf
I just have to weave ends in on two hats and a scarf and I'm done with the Christmas knitting! 
  • Make a coffee cup sleeve
  • Make a water bottle sleeve
  • Practice Double Knitting
I've started a practice piece.  I think I understand the principles of double knitting but I'm going to practice a bit more before I do something I actually want to wear.
  • Design (or find) a pattern for gears for a scarf (double knit)
  • Finish the Monster Afghan
  • Knit one hat for the homeless each month to be donated in December
I'll need to need an extra one this month.

Sewing Goals:
  • Re-finish the corset that I made this October
  • Make the bodice for the skirts that I already have made
The only progress I made sewing wise was planning what to make when I've completed these projects.  

Other Crafting Goals:
  • Design a Steampunk Block Print
  • Draw something once a week
I have a small collection of doodles/drawings in one of my class notebooks but I'd like to work on something a little more exciting for February.
  • Paint something once a month
I thought about what I would paint but I never took the next step.  If I can, I'll do an extra painting for February but if I can't I refuse to stress about this.

Reading and Blogging Goals:
  • Make a dent in my To Read Shelf
My to-read shelf is largely unchanged, though I've finished most of the books loaded on the kindle app of my phone.
  • Only buy anticipated releases by favorite authors and books for school/book club until my pile of books to read is much smaller
I made the mistake of only buying the first book of a trilogy for my Steampunk book club.  I had to go get the next couple but with the aid of a gift card from Christmas, I didn't spend very much on my shiny new books.
  • Have something read to review once a week
I have the reading part down but I haven't gotten many reviews posted.  Something to work on.
  • Keep a consistent blogging schedule
My blogging is getting more consistent.  It isn't quite at the regular schedule that I want to have yet but it is almost there.

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