Monday, January 7, 2013

2013 Goals

Looking back at my goals from 2012, I didn't do so hot at achieving those goals.  What I did accomplish this year was pretty awesome even if it wasn't part of my goals.

This year, I'll be trying to create fewer and more manageable goals.


  • I'm participating in the WIP500 challenge again this year.  Hopefully, I'll do better at keeping my progress through the entire year.
  • Finish all the drafts that I started in 2012.
  • Finish the last few baby knitting projects for my new nephew
  • Finish the monster afghan
  • Finish designing and knit the Steampunk Gears Scarf
  • Lose 50 pounds
    • Count calories consistently
    • Walk or run every day
    • Lift weights at least every other day
    • Swim once a month
  • Complete a Whole 30 Chellenge
  • Start Dating
  • Create a Bucket List
  • Keep track of all the books read in 2013
  • Learn how to talk about myself
  • Practice solo jazz for 10-15 minutes a day
  • Re-learn to play the violin
Social Media/Blogging
  • Learn to talk about myself
    • Post a bucket list item each day
    • Post a daily self picture and a daily dog picture (Hashtags: #dailyselfy and #dailydog)
  • Post a Question of the Day
  • Blog at least twice a week

Building a Bucket List Summary Jan 1-7

One of my goals for 2013 is to create a Bucket List.  My intent is to add a new item each day. You can follow along on Google Plus with the hashtag #buildingabucketlist.

Here's the additions to the list from the past week:
  1. Finish editing and re-writing a novel
  2. Run a full 5K race (no walking!)
  3. Ride a Motorcycle
  4. Go on a backpacking trip
  5. Hire a band to play at my swing dance
  6. Complete a Tough Mudder
  7. Find employment in the Biology/Medical Field