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The Story Trap by Masha du Toit

Here is my first review for Literary+!

The Story Trap by Masha du Toit
Self Published, March 2012
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Contemporary Fantasy
Format: Kindle

Story Description:

Rebecca never expected to meet a witch, least of all in a second-hand bookshop in Mowbray. Surely she had nothing to fear from an old lady holding a box of children's books? But on the train home Rebecca collapses and is rushed to hospital, deep in a coma. Rebecca's sisters, Pippa and Anmarie, are confronted by a frightening mystery: her body might be in the hospital bed, but where was Rebecca?

My Thoughts:

I devoured this story in a single sitting and it was a great way to spend a few hours.  The story starts right in on the action without any unnecessary exposition.  I loved the parallel plot lines of Rebecca's adventures and the efforts of her sisters to reconnect her mind and body.  The progression of Rebecca's fantasy world was captivating and interesting and the reveal to her sisters was well executed.  The character of the Witch was well developed and I really appreciated having an antagonist with an actual motivation beyond greed.

There was one part of the story that I struggled with some because in some senses it felt like a wasted opportunity.  One of the sisters gets injured in a way that was probably meant to raise the stakes but falls flat.  I was prepared for more tension and an emotional response but was disappointed by a brush off and keep going resolution.  It didn't detract from my enjoyment of the story but it made me wonder what the point of the injury was.

Another factor that added to the experience of The Story Trap was the addition of small illustrations that were peppered throughout the story.  It was fun to see small graphics that helped build a sense of the world being shared.  This story has a lot of fun things going for it: magic, sisterhood, illustrations and a engaging fairy tale feel.  I enjoyed reading The Story Trap and definitely recommend that you add it to your reading list.

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