Thursday, January 1, 2015

Hello 2015!

It's January 1st again and it's always nice to have goals. Looking at previous goal lists, I can see that I've had mixed results in goal setting so some of these goals will be a repeat.

I'm looking to have more personal discipline in 2015:
  • Better Financial Decisions and adherence to the budgeting
  • Better Health and fitness
    • Consistent Calorie Counting
    • Daily exercise (even if it is just walking the dog around the neighborhood)
  • Fifteen minutes of house cleaning daily
  • One hundred words of writing daily
I want to keep working on the life/work balance and doing more of the things I love
  • Weekly Hiking Trips and Monthly camping trips in the late spring/summer/early fall
  • Keep on Playing Board Games regularly
  • Get back into swing dancing at least every other week
  • Working on creative/crafty pursuits

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