Monday, August 8, 2011

Weekly Check In August 8

It feels good to bring some discipline back to my exercise and eating habits.  In the mornings, I've been doing aerobic exercise in the form of Zumba videos.  If you aren't familiar, Zumba is an aerobic workout based on movements from various latin style dances (like Salsa, Samba, and Meringue) mixed with hip hop and belly dancing. At night I try to do some mild strength training with crunches and small hand-weights.  I've been less successful at being consistent with the evening routine but that gives me something to work on.

I've been doing much better at eating healthy.  I've been working on cutting out all of the sweets and desserts that tempt me and I've been working on breaking the habit of eating right before bed.  Ideally, I'll get to the point where I don't eat anything at all after dinner except on nights that I go dancing.

All in all, I've made some nice strides toward re-adapting my healthier habits and it's starting to show results!

Last Weigh-in: 217.0
Current Weight: 215.8
Starting Weight: 207.4
Highest Point: 218.6
Lowest Point: 206.4

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