Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Weekly Weigh In October 2

Insanity and I are getting along just fine.  Even in just a week I can tell that my strength and endurance are improving.  I'm able to do more and more of each exercise in each video.  So far, the Cardio Recovery video is my favorite.  I like that it is slower and lower impact.  It works in ways that are more familiar and more comfortable for my body.

On a related note, I started counting how many squats and push-up moves I've been doing and I was pleasantly surprised by the numbers.  I'm looking forward to improving.


Current Weight: 220.8 pounds
Last Week:   221.6 pounds

Weight Loss/Gain: .8 pounds lost

Starting Weight: 225.2 pounds
Highest Point: 228.2 pounds
Lowest Point: 220.8 pounds

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