Saturday, September 29, 2012

Portland Color Run 2012

I chose for my first 5K to do a Color Run.  It was fun and low key.  I did end up walking a lot of it but I ran enough to keep my heart rate up.  I also ran to and from the color stations and at the start and finish lines.

 Small victories:
  • I finished strong and with lots of color
  • Managed to carry ID, Money, Phone and car key without putting anything in a sock or my bra
  • I never stopped moving
  • Public transportation was an excellent way to get there

Lessons learned:
  • Eat a larger breakfast before, cereal and a latte just didn't cut it 
  • There is a lot of walking just to get to the starting line
  • It would have been more fun with a running/walking buddy
And, now some pictures: 

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