Friday, December 16, 2011

Political Ponderings: Presidential Election 2012 (1/?)

This will probably be just one of many political rants to come as the election draws closer.  But for now, a general idea of my starting point will do.

There isn't a single candidate that is currently in the running that I would like to see in office.

Obama.  Sigh.
I've been disappointed with his inability to follow through with the positions that got him elected but mostly not actively displeased.  That said, I don't really want another four years of a President who isn't strong enough to stand up to the Legislative Bodies.

Republican Candidates. 
This is pretty much their election to lose and barring the late-entry of a sane candidate, they probably will lose.  Besides being ridiculously and viciously socially conservative, the economic policies espoused by these candidates make me cringe.

What I Want (and will probably never get)

  • Economic
    • Cut Spending dramatically, if possible combine with tax increases on the upper tax brackets and Corporations (who are NOT people)
    • Penalties for Outsourcing US Jobs and/or rewards for US job creation
    • End Tax Loopholes for Corporations
  • Social 
    • Equal Rights for Everyone
    • Increased Support for the Sciences
  • Political
    • No New Military Commitments
    • Pay attention to matters at home instead of spreading Democracy to Countries that don't want it
    • Term Limits for all Political Offices
    • Minimize Corporate Inference with Politics

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