Monday, April 2, 2012

B is for Big Blue Blanket

B is for Big Blue Blanket also known as my oldest knitting project which is about half done right now.  It is just about too big to travel which is a bummer since most of my knitting right now is done at Church during the Service.  I love the Celtic knot-work of this pattern and I'm pretty sure that it qualifies me as an expert at cabling.


  1. Hello,

    What a wonderful post, I can definitely relate to the unfinished projects! I found you on the A to Z Challenge, and I will be back to read more of your writing! Keep up the great work.

    Stop over at my site too if you get a chance. :) I write humor stuff (or sometimes serious stuff that people laugh at? Does that make it humor then?).


    1. That is ridiculously big ;)

      It makes me want to bust out my blanket that my grandmother knitted for me... I sense a "curl up and read on the couch" fest tonight!

      RADesilets Writer