Monday, April 9, 2012

H is for Hive Mind

Hive Mind was the result of my first successful NaNoWriMo.  I've learned a lot about writing since I wrote that first draft and even more about what I think makes for a good story.  I have plenty of rewriting to do before Hive Mind lives up to my expectations.

The more rewriting that I do on Hive Mind the more this first draft feels like a prose form outline.

What does that mean to me:

  • Most of the action is blocked in
    • All of the major story points have been written in some form.  The chain reaction goes rather neatly from Point A to Point Z.  The plot is fully present though perhaps in a bare bones state.  That leads to what is missing.
  • Missing Pieces:
    • Character motivations that lead to those plot developments.  I need to flesh out the characters and their wants and needs so that they aren't making choices just because it makes a better story.  Many of these characters have other options so they need strong and compelling reasons to make the choices that they do.
    • Character development in general.  I'm missing the little quirks that make the characters human and easy to relate to.  I also need to add in the little character interactions that make the building of the relationships between the characters clear.
    • Technology and World-building.  I need to sit down and really think through what makes this Steampunk Alternate History tick.  I have a general idea in my head but I need to make it more detailed so that it can be consistently applied to the story.  No inconsistencies allowed.
I have lots to work on but I've been falling back in love with this story, so it'll be fun!

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