Sunday, April 1, 2012

Palm Sunday Reflections

A snippet of poetry inspired by this morning's Palm Sunday Litany.   I'm not entirely happy with this mostly because I know that I had more thoughts to add while I was driving but once I was able to start writing they had slipped away.

A world of shattered lives.  A life of broken pieces.
The pressure to be unbroken creates a mask to be borne.
How are you?  Lie and say that things are fine.
Are you fooling them?  Are you fooling you?
Does the mask become the truth?  Or just another broken piece?
Come to the table all your pieces are there.
He has come to be broken that we may be made whole
Come to the table.  You’ll find healing there.

I don't write much poetry but when I do it tends to be introspective and a tad depressing.

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