Monday, January 18, 2016

Weekly Weigh In Jan 18

This week was a rough one for me since I'm still adjusting to having night classes after work. My step count was down a bit this week since I spent the entire weekend studying Anatomy and Physiology instead of moving around. It might be time to get the standing desk going again.

Regarding the goals I set last week:

Log my calories completely on at least 3 days
I was able to fully log my calories on 5 days this week.

Avoid eating Dairy
I was really doing well until Friday night when all I wanted was a chocolate milkshake. It was very tasty but the resulting sinus headache should deter me from making this a regular thing.

Increase the number of workouts from last week's number
I did manage to squeeze in one more work out this week than last weekend. I can also feel good because the workouts that I did were of greater intensity.

Goals for this week:

  1. Log my calories on at least 6 days
  2. Drink 80 oz of water each day
  3. Workout at least 6 times


Morning Workouts: 2
Lunchtime Weight Lifting: 0
Evening Dog Walks: 2
Bedtime Yoga: 1
Step Counting:
     Monday: 10074
     Tuesday: 10102
     Wednesday: 11891
     Thursday: 7452
     Friday: 10624
     Saturday: 1954
     Sunday: 1127

     Weekly Average: 7603
     Last Week's Average: 8272

     Weekly Total: 53224
     Last Week's Total: 57904

     January Average: 6653
     January Total: 113106

Current Weight: 254.6 pounds
Last Week: 254.2 pounds

Weight Loss/Gain: 0.4 pounds gained

Starting Weight: 249.4 pounds
Highest Point: 255.2 pounds
Lowest Point: 238.4 pounds

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