Monday, September 26, 2011

Weekly Check In September 26

I've had better weeks and I've had worse weeks.  This week had a major routine breakdown with the temporary introduction of my sister's dog into the household mix.  I did a lot more walking and an extra night of dancing but this came at the expense of my regular exercise routine.  There was also a short little heat wave which brought the temptation of ice cream back and the sugar laden birthday cake.  All considered this isn't going to be a big set-back but it was a break in getting going on healthy eating and exercise.

On the plus side, we've got a new cookbook full of curries that are very diet friendly and have declared Friday night to be curry night!  Expect to see some nice curry recipes in the coming weeks.

Last Weigh-in: 217.0
Current Weight: 218.4

Weight Gain/Loss: +1.4 

Starting Weight: 207.4
Highest Point: 222.0
Lowest Point: 206.4

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