Monday, January 10, 2011

Weekly Check In Jan 10

Well, the diet is going well! I've lost all of the Holiday weight now and am ready to start losing consistently. Unfortunately, that might be a bit difficult since I'm already very tired of salad. Gyros Salad, Taco Salad, Caesar Salad, Chicken Salad ... Salad, Salad, Salad. That said, I still haven't have the same salad twice yet. Losing weight would be so much easier if I actually liked salad.

Assuming I can keep from eating anything too far off the diet, this week should be a good week for losing weight because I'll be getting a great deal of exercise in. I'll be going dancing everyday from Thursday to Sunday.

Starting Weight: 207.4
Current Weight: 207.4

Highest Point: 212.2
Lowest Point: 207.0

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