Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekly Check In Jan 17

Despite my best intentions, this was not a great week for dieting. I think I mostly did very well at cheating on the diet with french fries, ice cream, cookies, and brownies. Despite the many temptations of sweets, I've gotten some more healthy habits going as well. I've made the transition into carbohydrate-free breakfasts which is often the most difficult meal for me to find time to cook. I've made breakfast simpler by keeping a bag of chopped vegetables in the fridge to be sautéed and scrambled into eggs with cheese.

This week I also was able to try a few new recipes: Roasted Eggplant Stuffed with Beef, Mole-Style Pulled Pork and Slow Cooker Jambalaya.

This is the start of a new week and a chance to do better on the diet. I'm not going to let myself get discouraged!

Starting Weight: 207.4
Current Weight: 210.2

Highest Point: 212.2
Lowest Point: 207.0

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