Wednesday, January 4, 2012

31 Things for 31 Days Prompt 3: The Magic of the City

The Magic of the City
Rough Draft, 265 words
Allisyn Bridges

Ryan waited for the bus home from class just like every other night this week. His head was aching after a jam packed day of classes and studying. The glare of the streetlights was only serving to make his throbbing head hurt worse. Suddenly the pounding in his head seemed to double in intensity. Ryan squeezed his eyes shut and tried to breath through the pain. When he opened his eyes next, the world around him had changed. The street and buildings around hadn’t changed but the way he saw then certainly had. The streetlights had a golden aura around them that illuminated the world far better than the electric light had. There was a green light across the facade of the tall building across the street, with the name that he’d never even tried to pronounce. A streak of neon light flashed across his vision and he was surprised to feel his headache melt away. He slowly turned in a circle in place and really looked at the buildings around him like it was the first time again.

“So you see it now?” A quiet female voice asked. Ryan spun around to look at the speaker. It was the small petite dark haired girl that he saw at the bus stop often but had never done more than a friendly nod hello.

“But what am I seeing?” Ryan asked.

“The Magic of the City.” The girl turned back to her book and before he could get her attention back, the bus came and the vision of Magic faded until only the normal world remained.

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