Monday, January 9, 2012

Knitting: Tentacle Hat

This was an excellent bit of fun.  I saw this knitting pattern over at Violently Domestic and was inspired to play around.  I  halved the two sections of the pattern that make up most of the length so that they would be smaller and lighter.  I think that the result was cute and fun but they aren't holding their shape as well as I would have liked.  My next batch of tentacles will probably be on smaller needles and will have a bit of stuffing to help keep the shape.

From the side, pictured with the wig that I wore it with for Halloween.

From the top.

Knitting Goals Progress Update:
Christmas Knitting
Hats Completed: 3/4 (I have to redo one)
Scarves Completed: 3/4

Other Knitting
Coffee Sleeve: 0/1
Water Bottle Sleeve: 0/1
Double Knitting Practice Swatch: 0/1
Gear Pattern for a Scarf: 0/1
Double Knit Scarf: 0/1
Monster Afghan: No New Progress
Hats for the Homeless: 0/12

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