Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Weekly Weigh-In Jan 24

I did better at exercising this week though I'm still struggling to get daily exercise in.  I'm really starting to hate the people who do the instructions for my current workout video so it might be time for something different.  I've got one more video to check out from that set and I have a couple of online workout things to check out. I've reached a compromise with myself that nights that I go dancing count as the exercise for the day which also helps me motivate myself to actually get up and dance.

Dieting hit a few snags this weekend between giant chocolate cravings and a family member that is passive-aggressively undermining the diet effort while trying to play diet guilt-monger.  Suffice to say this is not going over well with the members who are actually trying to lose weight.  I also rediscovered the sugar-free bakery which also has some gluten-free and low carb options.  Too bad there weren't calorie free options...

I also had to go jean shopping this weekend.  Not too traumatizing except for the reminder of how much new jeans suck.  Also, the difficulty of finding jeans that are not low rise since I prefer that my butt fit into my jeans. Strange idea, isn't it?  This is why I wear jeans until they fall apart.

Morale Update: Mildly frustrated.  But mostly with a certain family member and new jeans.


Current Weight: 222.0 pounds
Last Week: 221.0 pounds

Weight Loss/Gain: Gained 1 pound

Starting Weight: 226.2 pounds
Highest Point: 226.4 pounds
Lowest Point: 221.0 pounds

4/10 pounds to next Book

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