Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Weekly Weigh-In Jan 10

So, I managed to skip a week of posting but it doesn't really matter since I forgot about the diet busting effect of New Year's celebrations that left me at the exact same weight.  After New Year's I kicked the diet up to full gear.  I've been doing rather well at returning to the strict South Beach diet phase 1.  My goal is to maintain phase 1 eating habits for a solid month and I'm going start counting from this last Saturday since I cheated with a couple of freshly baked cookies and a serving of pineapple.  However, that doesn't seem to have had a major effect since I lost a good bit of weight this week.  

I am a little disappointed in myself that while I managed to stick to my diet remarkably well, my daily exercise fell by the wayside.  My goal for this week is to keep going with the diet and to really focus on getting workouts in.

I've decided to add in some incentives for myself by rewarding myself with a new book for every ten pounds that I lose.


Current Weight: 221.0 pounds

Last Week: 226.4 pounds

Weight Loss/Gain: 5.2 pounds lost

Starting Weight: 226.2 pounds
Highest Point: 
226.4 pounds
Lowest Point: 221.0 pounds

5/10 pounds to next Book

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