Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Weekly Weigh In Sept 11

I'm a little annoyed with my scale right now but the measuring tape is keeping me happy with my progress.

I completed level 2 of the 30 Day Shred.  My only thought on this is that I really hate planks.  I'm enjoying the exercises of level 3 much more even though they are harder.  I'm working to do at least a few reps of the more challenging versions of exercises before switching to the modified versions.  I'm starting to look ahead to what I'm going to do next after this and have decided that I will start Insanity after a few days of rest.  The rest is mostly so that the rest day lines up with my schedule.

I made it through Week 6 Days 1 and 2 okay but Day 3 was a miserable failure.  I think that there had been a large gap in running days.  I decided to do another mini-review and have been working on running faster.  I'm starting to feel like a real runner now!

I'm currently swing dancing four nights a week.  At least one of those, I am committed to dancing almost every song and I'm working on dancing more and sitting out less on the other nights.  I'm also keeping up with my ballet class which I'm enjoying a lot and picking up more of the finicky technique details that I never got the first time around.

I got a heart rate monitor at the end of last week and have been enjoying seeing my calorie burns and what zones different exercises keep me in.  I come from a science background so more accurate data is a wonderful thing.

New progress pics are up. Also, hurrah for measurements! I have proof that I'm building muscle now (and probably holding some water weight).  In two weeks, I'm up two pounds but down half an inch from my waist, arms, thighs and hips and down four inches from my belly!


Current Weight: 223.0 pounds
Last Weigh In:   223.6 pounds

Weight Loss/Gain: 0.6 pounds lost

Starting Weight: 225.2 pounds
Highest Point: 228.2 pounds
Lowest Point: 222.2 pounds

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  1. PLANKS ARE THE DEVIL. I hate them so good. You're doing good! Just keep your nutrition intake up, high enough to support your intense activity level, while maintaining a healthy 500-1,000 calorie deficit per day, and you'll make progress. :)

  2. Congratulations! I found you on Fitocracy. You are doing great! I love the blog and your science-bias. Progress pics? Where? I can always use inspiration.

  3. Heather- I use MyFitnessPal.com to track my calories. I have my net calorie goal set at around my BMR and I eat as much of my exercise calories as I can.

    Chispa- the progress pics are on a separate page found at the top. Check out the page titled "My Fitness Journey".