Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Weekly Weigh In Sept 18

This week has been a bit rough on the exercise routine.  I've been feeling a bit tired and my knees and ankles have been sore so I took a break from running.  Right now, dancing is my major form of exercise at five nights a week.  Four nights of swing dancing and one of ballet.  I'm really feeling the effects of going from being a lazy social dancer two nights a week to dancing most songs four nights a week.  Hopefully my body figures things out because I need to get back to running to prepare for my first 5K on September 29 and I start Insanity on Monday.

Nutrition things to work on:

  • Healthier snacking
  • Drinking more water on Weekends


Current Weight: 221.6 pounds
Last Weigh In:   223.6 pounds

Weight Loss/Gain: 2.0 pounds lost

Starting Weight: 225.2 pounds
Highest Point: 228.2 pounds
Lowest Point: 221.6 pounds

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  1. Great job on getting all that dancing in!! Good luck on your goals for the week!