Thursday, August 2, 2012

Camp NaNoWriMo August 2012 Day 1

Finally I get to start writing A Guide to Inter-species Dating!  I've been really getting eager to write this project and now I can!

General Stats:
Words Written Today: 788
Total Words Written: 788
Cups of Coffee This Month: 1
Plans Changed to Accommodate More Writing: 0
Random Ideas Generated: 0

Random Thoughts:
- This was a small start but I didn't have as much writing time as I thought I would.
- I'm going to have to work hard to figure out how to fit in both my writing and my exercise routine.
- I actually have words to add to #WIP500 again. (I still suck at writing daily. )

Small Snippet of Novel:

It was never very difficult to find the vampire hunters.   All she had to do was follow her instincts and go to the club district in the industrial part of town.   For vampires with less control, the club district was a plentiful hunting ground though obviously it came with the risk of Final Death. Cassandra suppressed a shiver of excitement at the thought of actively seeking out a Vampire Hunter. The lads hunting in this city were handsome and delightfully muscled. She expects that they would taste utterly delicious. Not that she has any intention of finding out since self-preservation is one of her priorities, but it doesn’t hurt to fantasize.  Unless of course, one had an important task to perform and getting distracted when seeking out vampire hunters is a great way of getting fully dead.

Favorite NaNo-isms of the Day:

None today.

Progress Bar:

788 / 50000

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